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Which crypto wallets are compatible with Jungle?
Which crypto wallets are compatible with Jungle?
This is where we take you through a tour of the crypto wallets that are compatible with Jungle.
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Quite a few. As we mentioned earlier, certain crypto wallets are compatible with specific currencies or tokens, so you may find that you need multiple wallets the more types of crypto you buy. Different wallet providers offer different features as well. Here’s a bit more information about the ones that we support, but we encourage you to do your own exploration and research the pros/cons of each.

If you’re new to the space and want to follow along with Jungle’s Help Center screenshots - most of our FAQs and examples reference MetaMask.

Jungle currently supports:

Popular and easy to use. Only supports ERC-20 tokens (ETH, MATIC, etc.)

Coinbase is also a cryptocurrency exchange platform, but the app is separate - you don’t need a Coinbase account to use the wallet app. Supports more than just ERC-20 tokens.

Not technically a single wallet but more a group of wallets gathered in one channel.

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