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How do I purchase Ethereum (ETH)?
How do I purchase Ethereum (ETH)?
The currency that powers all the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain is ‘ETH’.
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The currency that powers all the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain is called Ether or ‘ETH.’ You can add ETH through the Jungle Wallet icon or your wallet provider.

For context, this ETH is what you would use to purchase an NFT on Jungle. If that NFT is minted on Polygon, there are no gas fees, so you pay the minting fee as a buyer. If that NFT is minted on the Ethereum blockchain, you would be paying gas fees in addition to the minting fee. If you would like more on fees, you can see this FAQ.

Buying ETH through Jungle’s wallet icon:

Head to the wallet icon in the top right corner of Jungle. There’s a green button there labeled ‘Add Funds.’ Click on this button, and a second window will appear with two options: 1. Deposit Crypto and 2. Buy with a Card.

The ‘Deposit Crypto’ option brings up your wallet address - copy the address so it’s ready to use.

Head to a currency exchange (e.g., Binance or Coinbase), following the relevant instructions for depositing crypto to your wallet. You’ll be prompted to paste the wallet address to which you want to send funds. Please note that this is your preference - we can’t make guarantees about any third-party services.

You can also buy crypto using a debit or credit card by clicking the ‘Buy with Card’ tab. Please note that there may be additional fees, and you may not be able to go this route, depending on your location.

You can also buy ETH via your wallet (depending on your wallet provider). If you use MetaMask, you should see a ‘Buy’ icon when you open your wallet. Follow the prompts to buy your ETH.

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