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How to convert ETH to WETH
How to convert ETH to WETH
If your wallet looks a little empty WETH-wise, we suggest ways to add some via your crypto wallets or while making an offer
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You can add WETH to your wallet in two ways.

  1. Your wallet provider - e.g., MetaMask

  2. The ‘Convert ETH’ button when making an offer.

Add WETH to your crypto wallet

If WETH isn’t already visible in your MetaMask wallet, click ‘Import Tokens’ at the bottom of your wallet’s extension window. You should now be able to select the ‘Swap’ button in your wallet extension and fill in the relevant fields for ‘Swap From’ and ‘Swap To’ to swap ETH to WETH. Search for ‘WETH’ in the Add Tokens search box and select WETH when it appears.

Convert ETH to WETH when making an offer

You can also add WETH to your wallet when you make an offer on an NFT. You can see a ‘Convert ETH’ button in the screenshot below.

  • After clicking the Convert button, a pop-up window will then appear. It will look like this:

  • Type the amount of ETH you want to swap to WETH, then click the ‘Wrap ETH’ button. This tells the WETH smart contract to convert the ETH to WETH.

  • Confirm the transaction and any associated gas fees in your crypto wallet when prompted.

  • After submitting the transaction, you can view the transaction on Once completed, you will see WETH now listed when you click the Jungle Wallet icon.

    Please remember that conversion from WETH to ETH and vice versa will incur gas every time the conversion is done. You can check out this guide in our help center for more info on that topic.

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