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Can you refund my ether if I send it to you by accident?
Can you refund my ether if I send it to you by accident?
This FAQ explains that Jungle can recover ether from our marketplace contract if you send us some by accident.
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The ability to successfully trade on the Ethereum marketplace requires familiarity with the system's workings. This can confuse people new to trading on the Ethereum network, as the process inherently involves handling and transferring Ether (ETH).

Although our marketplace trading contract does not require Ether to allow you to trade, you may accidentally send us some. If this occurs, Jungle can recover stray Ether from our marketplace contract.

It's simple! If you've accidentally sent us some Ether that you don't need to have sent us, please feel free to contact us immediately with an explanation of the situation. Once we review your message and verify that you accidentally sent us Ether, we will begin recovering the Ether.

Please note that while you are usually eligible to reclaim your Ether, we can't guarantee a refund in all cases. Our team will review each case personally and provide more detailed information on a case-by-case basis.

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