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Is explicit & sensitive content allowed on Jungle?
Is explicit & sensitive content allowed on Jungle?
Jungle outlines the best practice for uploading explicit and sensitive content to their NFT marketplace, how to report fake NFTs, and more.
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Explicit and sensitive content, like adult-themed and not safe for work (NSFW) content, is allowed on Jungle but is meant for users aged 18 years and older.

While our platform works to detect explicit and sensitive content, we appreciate our users taking the time to report anything that may violate our Terms of Service.

Reporting fraudulent content

If you would like to report any fake NFTs or content that violates our Terms of Service, you can follow these steps:

  • Head to the NFT/Collection page and select the flag icon on the right. A pop-up window should give you the option to report the NFT.

  • Select the reason for reporting the content from the drop-down menu. (As shown below)

  • If you happen to come across a fake collection or a possible scam, Jungle will prompt you to choose the authentic collection first. Only then will your report be processed and forwarded to the safety team.

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