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Revoke access to delisted items
Revoke access to delisted items
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In this article, we have tackled revoking token approvals, but here we will focus on revoking approvals for delisted items only. This process is for users who hold an NFT that is part of a delisted collection, have listed an item for sale when a collection was delisted, or if a user had missed revoking access to a delisted item.

Get the operator's address

  1. Scroll to function 7 proxies

  2. Copy and paste your wallet address

  3. Click 'Query'

  4. Copy and paste the output to a clipboard

Check Approval

  1. Scroll to function 10. IsApprovedForAll

  2. Paste your wallet address on the 'Owner' field

  3. Paste the 'Output' from step 1 on the 'Operator' field

  4. Click 'Query'

  5. If return = true, then proceed to step 3

  6. If return = false, the address is not approved, and you don't need to proceed further.

Revoke Approval

  1. Click on the 'Connect to Web3' button at the top of the contract function list.

  2. Connect your wallet, i.e., Metamask

  3. Scroll to function 11. SetApprovalForAll

  4. Paste in the 'Output' from step 1 in the Operator Address' field

  5. Enter '0' (zero) in the approved field

  6. Click 'Write'

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