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How do I recognize authentic emails from Jungle?
How do I recognize authentic emails from Jungle?
Jungle outlines how to identify legitimate emails from legitimate ones
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It is essential to be familiar with authentic emails from Jungle and recognize what they look like. This will help mitigate fraudulent activity or scams that could compromise your wallet.

How do email scams work?

Phishing scammers send fraudulent messages to many people to trick them into revealing private information, like a private key to access your wallet. An email or website may be disguised to appear legitimate to make the recipient believe that the communication is coming from a trusted source. Recognizing a spoofed email address can be difficult as scammers get savvy. It's important to be cautious of phishing attempts, primarily through scam links, as they can lead you to malicious websites designed to steal your personal information. Always verify the authenticity of the links and websites before providing any sensitive information.

What can users do to protect themselves from email scams?

Users can check the headers of an email to find out more about the message's source, and they should be suspicious of new or unexpected emails. Jungle never sends emails with attachments and will never ask them to provide sensitive information—such as their private key—through email, DMs on social media, Discord messages, or anywhere else. Users should also be cautious and refrain from clicking on or opening links in suspicious emails or messages, as it may lead to a data breach and compromise their wallets.

Helpful tips to protect yourself against phishing scams are outlined in this article.

What are Jungle's verified email addresses and domains?

Jungle will only email the registered user address ending with

Some emails that Jungle sends

Jungle does send emails on certain conditions, such as:

  • Welcome email to Jungle

  • Newsletter

  • KYC verification

  • The successful listing of an NFT for sale

  • If an email is updated

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